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I am Katie O'Day, the creator of the Visual Activity Sort. I have been an occupational therapist for over 11 years serving clients in schools, outpatient pediatrics & neuro as well as acute care. Everyday it is my goal to connect with my clients and to maximize their therapy outcomes. I utilize a strengths-based, trauma-informed and neuro-diversity affirming approach. I strive to help therapists use these strategy in their practices.  

-Katie O'Day

Katie began ppOTD program at Temple University in Fall 2022. Qualitative Studies underway to look at stakeholder input for the VAS including clients with lived experiences and researchers/experts & advocates.

-Presenter at the AOTA mental health specialty conference in 2022

-Presenter at the Oregon OT Association in fall 2022

-Presenter at TIES Conference in Oregon in spring 2022

-Preliminary research is underway @ Rutgers for reliability & validity of the VAS expected results in 2023

-Poster Presenter at American Occupational Therapy Association's Children's and Youth Specialty Conference in December 2021

-Poster Presenter at American Public Health Association Conference in 2021

-OT Online Side Hustle & Beyond Presenter in September, 2021

-Exhibitor at the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado's Conference in 2021

-Presenter @ Iowa Occupational Therapy Association's Conference in 2021

-Presenter @ Florida Occupational Therapy Association's Annual Conference in 2021

-Presenter @ Mountain West Occupational Therapy Association Conference in 2021

-Launched for sale at the American Occupational Therapy Association's Inspire conference in 2021

-The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Independent Living and Community Participation at Temple University is currently using the VAS with clients who struggle with mental illness to improve their outcomes.

-The VAS is currently being used by researchers at Penn State University. The grant funded research studies participation among individuals with autism living in rural parts of the state.

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