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VAS Testimonials

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"There are few assessments and tools that are appropriate for transition-age students or paint a clear picture of their desires for the future. This makes it very hard as a practitioner to collect data that will be helpful for their transition plan. The Visual Activity Sort does exactly this! It is occupation-based and client-centered in its approach. The cards are easy to use with clients of all abilities and it helps me learn about my student's interests and what they are motivated by! Using the VAS helps me to learn why my transition-age students are interested in and choose to participate in certain activities. I highly recommend this tool for occupational therapists working with students as they plan their goals for life after high school." 

Catherine, OT School/Transitions

"Very valuable well-designed assessment tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I particularly like the strategy of using realistic photos, and presenting these one by one, as opposed to multiple photos on a page. This really helps clients prone to visual overload and visual searching problems, as well as maintaining the attention and active participation of those with involuntary attention lapses and other attention deficits."

Paula SLP, Ph.D in Linguistics

“The Visual Activity Sort is great for visual learner autistics who intuitively think in rank orders.  It has wide application across the age range, from teens who are experimenting with new roles, to workers recovering from injury or illness, to retirees who have not previously considered their personal priorities or set goals accordingly.  This assessment taps the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual realms of daily occupation.  It is patient-centered, culturally responsive and linguistically inclusive.  The best of cutting edge OT assessment."

—Pam Pediatric OT

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